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to provide preventative maintenance

rather than costly repair.



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"Dave conducts the occasional free basic car maintenance workshops, one of which I had the opportunity to attended on Saturday. Dave is incredibly honest and knowledgeable, and it is clear to see that he prioritizes the customer above all else. Giving up his time to conduct these made evident his passion for education, and that knowledge really is power in this industry. The workshop itself was comprehensive, thorough and highly enjoyable, and such an amazing opportunity.  Dave was a very patient and engaging (and a humorous enough) teacher. It means a lot being able to have the opportunity to learn about these things, as a female you often don't get the chance to understand what's going on under the bonnet. I learnt that you can't forgo safety for cost, which as a student is something you're always tempted to do. I would highly recommend any of Dave's services, and especially the workshops if you get the chance :)"
Lauren Turner - 15th July 2018

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